Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)

Sigma Epsilon Chapter, Phi Beta Lambda

What is Phi Beta Lambda?

Announcements and Awards

PBL is a nonprofit educational association for college students preparing for careers in business and in business-related fields.  There are over 600 PBL chapters within the United States, with over 13,000 members.  

PBL was created in 1958 as a post-secondary education sister organization to the Future Business Leaders of America.   The main purpose of this organization is to prepare students for the challenging business world and for leadership roles. PBL holds national events where members come together to learn, share, and compete.

pbl logoThe association has four divisions.

  1. FBLA for high school students.
  2. FBLA-middle level for junior high and intermediate students.
  3. PBL for postsecondary students.
  4. Professional Division for business people, educators, parents, and anyone who supports the goals of the association.

Who can join PBL?

All of tomorrow's business leaders can benefit from joining Phi Beta Lambda. Future business leaders may be majoring in business areas such as accounting, finance, management, etc. PBL is also for tomorrow's business leaders majoring in agriculture, pharmacy, business education, graphic arts, and many other fields.

PBL will help you:

  1. Acquire the skills you need to compete in the job market.
  2. Enhance your self-confidence and leadership skills.
  3. Sharpen public speaking skills.
  4. Build friendships through chapter activities.
  5. Travel to state and national conferences.
  6. Enhance your interview skills

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