WAGE Certifications

WAGE is not just a test.  It is a State of Arkansas Certification that adults can earn in order to gain employment or advance current employment opportunities.  Therefore, Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy (WAGE™) Certification is designed to address the need to improve the workplace basic skills of the unemployed and under-employed labor pool.  The WAGE™ Program is an industry, education, and community collaborative for workforce development. 

Employers can decide to require or prefer the WAGE for new employees.  Our partners say they use the WAGE Certificate when hiring new employees because they know they have basic educational skills, can finish a program, and are trainable. 


2019 Changes to WAGE: 

Arkansas has improved the WAGE Certificate!!!  How? 

1.  It takes less time to complete.  Minimum time is 30-40 hours (based on scores).

2.  Updated software for improved curriculum.

3.  Better access to online lessons.  Students can work on WAGE at home. 

4.  Improved testing and more attainable scoring.


There are 6 types of WAGE™ Certificates:


Customer Service I

Customer Service II


Office Technology



Certificates can be earned simultaneously.