Job Information
Medical Coding Program Director
South Arkansas Community College El Dorado, Arkansas, United States 467 Days Ago
Department: Academic Affairs
Job Category: Education
Job Type: Full-Time
Salary: Commensurate with education and experience and includes excellent benefit package.
Zipcode: 71730
Posted: 04/29/2019
Minimum Education: 4 Year Degree
Degree Title: Medical Coding, Health Information Manag
Minimum Experience: 1 Year (Registered Health Information Administrator)
Required Travel: Not Required
Job Status
Job Status: Interviewing
Start Publishing: 04/24/2019
Stop Publishing: 07/28/2020
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The program director/instructor is responsible for all aspects of the Medical Coding program, including the organization, administration, continuous review, planning, development, implementation, evaluation, general effectiveness, and instruction of the program. The program director will also provide effective leadership for the program including, but not limited to, responsibility for communication, program assessment, and fiscal management. The program director/instructor serves to promote the success of the program among college administrators, faculty/staff, students, the health care community, and the local community. Other responsibilities include working towards potential development of other health information programs and accreditation. Duties • Develops, revises, and evaluates curriculum of program(s) to assure that all theory and practicum include content required by accreditation entities when/if applicable. • Develops other health information programs as needed and pursues and maintains accreditation (if/when applicable). • Assures that the program(s) abide by accreditation (when/if applicable) and college regulations, rules, policies, procedures, and guidelines, including submitting required reports. • Review and select program and course materials, resources, and technological requirements. • Incorporate a variety of teaching methods to address different student learning styles and incorporate diversity in instruction of program. • Procure and implement equipment/supplies, electronic technology, applicable software and learning resources for class delivery and enhancement. • Collaborates with the Dean of Health Sciences in coordination and scheduling of courses each semester. • Develops, reviews, and revises program student policies and procedures as needed. • Develop master and course syllabi per college guidelines and templates and revise as needed • Develop, revise, evaluate, supervise, and instruct didactic and practicum experiences to meet college, degree, accreditation, and discipline goals, objectives, and outcomes. • Oversees adjunct faculty, when/if applicable, in duties, responsibilities, and compliance with college policies and procedures. • Performs and/or supervises assessment of courses and submission of course assessment reports as per college policy. • Maintains comprehensive and organized system of records for administration, faculty and students; prepares reports for internal and external purposes; and carries on correspondence relating to the programs. • Performs general oversight of program budget including the following: recommends and administers selected budgeted components for the program(s). • Maintain office hours in accordance with college policy. • Review and revise catalog components annually and update program webpages as needed in accordance with college and accreditation, if applicable, standards and requirements. • Serves on college committees and attends meetings as appointed. • Develop, review and revise as needed articulation agreements and MOU’s with other educational institutions. • Develops and implements policies related to admission, retention, and progression of students, including initiation and coordination of student selection from application to admission into the program, if/when applicable. • Collect and report degree/certificate program graduate statistics for annual reports and college data needs. • Provides academic advisement to students. • Prepare, review and submit curriculum audits/graduation checklists for qualified graduating students Develops, plans and implements student recruitment programs. • Collaborate with the division dean in requesting official functions, travel and/or attendance at professional development events by program faculty, staff, and/or students; • Assesses and evaluates student retention and attrition to include policies for retention improvement. • Initiate and maintain current contractual agreements with practicum agencies. • Collaborates with the Dean of Health Sciences to ensure efficient use of instructional resources to facilitate student progress toward meeting objectives. • Participates in scholarly and service activities that include staying current in program education and professional development in the applicable field. • Plans, coordinates, and conducts advisory committee meetings on a minimum of annual basis, including collaboration to assess the needs of the community and respond appropriately. • Receive three credit hours’ or the equivalent amount of release time during each semester to perform his/her administrative program director duties. • Performs other duties as assigned.


Chosen candidate must have an offical transcript on file in the HR department. The individual must have a clear criminal background and must complete all onboarding information prior to starting the position.


The program director should be credentialed as a registered health information administrator (RHIA) with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Master’s degree is preferred. Candidates who are actively pursuing the credentials may be considered. Experience in education and the medical coding field is preferred.

Prefered Skills
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