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SouthArk's Internship Program is experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with the practical application and skills developed in a professional setting. Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable experience and make connections with those in the professional field. The Program also allows employers the opportunity to evaluate skills. Internships can be paid or unpaid, for credit and/or no credit.



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SouthArk Responsibilities

The Academic Program Director is responsible for fulfilling the responsibilities are outlined below:

  • Work with advisory group to develop internship(s)
  • Ensure that the Intern is enrolled at SouthArk in the Internship course
  • Coordinate with career services to assist Internship Candidates in preparation for the interview process
  • Provide up-to-date information with career services regarding status of internships
  • Provide a venue for the Internship Host to interview Student Candidates
  • Maintain frequent contact with the Internship Host and the Intern
  • Accumulate and review the Status Updates (Appendix A & Appendix B) and Concluding Documentation (Appendix C) that will be provided by the Internship Host and the Intern
  • Work with Internship Host’s Internship Administrator to determine the process to receive documentation (online or hand copy AND frequency)
  • Work with Student Intern to determine process to receive documentation (online or hand copy AND frequency)
  • Potentially conduct one or two site visits to the Internship Host facility to observe or discuss ongoing internship activities/status
  • Generate a final course grade for the Intern
  • Endeavor to improve the Internship program based on data acquired and post-internship interviews with the Internship Host and the Intern.

Internship Host Responsibilities

The responsibilities outlined below recognizes the Internship Host responsibilities:

  • Ensure availability of one or more Internship position(s)
  • Participate in the resume review and interview process for one or more Intern Candidates
  • Designate an internal internship administrator to administratively coordinate with SouthArk and the Intern
  • Designate an internal mentor to work closely with the Intern providing teachable opportunities that enhance development of the Intern. (More than one mentor may be assigned, and mentors may be rotated)
  • Choose (or not) to make an offer of Intern employment to any specific candidate
  • Inform selected Intern (Appendix E) on type of internship – paid/unpaid – and facilitate HR process with Intern including payroll paperwork, appropriate compliance documents, safety procedures, and on boarding process.
  • Develop a course-friendly work schedule with the Intern
  • Provide an information session regarding the Internship Host to include the origin, administration, chain of command/company hierarchy functions, purpose of company, etc.
  • Manage the Intern as an employee in training maintaining awareness of the inexperience of the Intern
  • Provide Status Updates (Appendix A) at least biweekly and Concluding Documentation (Appendix C) at the end of the individual internship
  • Alert SouthArk in the event significant problems arise with either the ongoing Internship or the Intern

Intern Responsibilities

The responsibilities outlined below recognize the Internship Host responsibilities:

  • Enroll in the appropriate Internship course [pay SouthArk tuition, fees, and books (if applicable) for the Internship Course] and obtain Internship binder.
  • Work with career services to participate in a mock interview and acquire an updated resume
  • Bring updated resume for - and participate in - an Internship employment interview with one or more Internship Hosts
  • Develop a short list of employment questions to ask the Internship Host
  • Show up promptly, dressed appropriately, and prepared for Interview Process
  • Consider each party's value to the other and seek agreement pursuant to achieving mutual benefit during the Internship.
  • Recognize that the Internship Host is under no obligation to hire and that the Internship can be terminated solely at the discretion of the Internship Host
  • Negotiate/Accept/Deny type of internship (Appendix E) and engage in HR process with Internship Host
  • Interact with the Internship Host’s Internal Administrator for personal matters and with the Internship Host’s for designated Mentor for technical matters
  • Submit Status Updates (Appendix B) biweekly – or as determined between Intern and Program Director – to the SouthArk Program Director
  • Understand that SouthArk will assign a final course grade based on reports from the Internship Host, from the Intern, and from SouthArk observations.
  • Understand that some Internship Hosts require employees and/or Interns to pass and remain in good standing with company employment screening requirements. These may include but are not limited to background checks, drug screens, stress tests, performance tests, reliable transportation, physical ability and/or appearance etc.
  • Put forth a substantial effort to gain applied technical knowledge and experience and to fit into the working culture of the Internship Host under the guidance of the Mentor
  • Recognize that the Internship Host requires conscientious, mature, safe, and reliable workplace behavior at all times. Failure to abide by Internship Host policies and procedures, failure to exercise common sense, failure to work safely, failure to follow directions, etc., can be reasons for an Internship Host to terminate an Internship
  • Demonstrate promptness, alertness, eagerness, willingness to learn, and attention to detail and accuracy
  • Recognize that many workplace endeavors involve some unpleasantness, and that coping with unpleasantness may be a necessary or unavoidable part of employment. The Intern should try to get the task done regardless of the unpleasantness. However, safety should never be compromised.
  • Promptly report to SouthArk and to the Internship Host internal administrator any problems that may arise during the Internship. It is to everyone's advantage for the program to succeed and that issues be handled expeditiously.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Although internship requirement vary across majors, general requirement for all students include:

  • You must have by the end of each semester at least 12 credits in program area.
  • You must have at least a 2.5 or higher in program courses.
  • You MUST complete the Internship Orientation before entering the internship location.
  • Faculty will have final approval on student readiness for the internship opportunity.
  • Student must have completed all Basic Studies courses.
  • If you get an internship you will work at least 45 hours within the semester.
  • Students must have a "cumulative GPA" (Grade Point Average) of 2.50 (Completion of all Basic Studies and Pre-requisites).

  •  Payment of the appropriate fees as required by college if the internship is for credit.

Program Timeline

Internships are a one semester commitment with opportunities in all semesters.

Applications must be completed by deadline (Oct. 15, March 15, July 30).  Each student will interview with their prospective internship site manager before the semester begins.

Every student accepted into the internship program must complete a 3 hour orientation prior to first day at internship site (includes a soft skills assessment).  Complete all assignments during the semester regarding their internship.


Grading will be assessed according to full completion of all assignments within time guidelines, and evaluations.  At successful completion of the Internship the student will have earned 3 credit hours toward his degree.


  • Internship opportunities maybe paid or unpaid and will be set by the internship site.
  • Interns are not generally eligible for unemployment benefits resulting from internship experience.
  • Interns are not promised a full time position at the end of the Internship semester.