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Campus Maps, Security and Fire Safety


West Campus



East Campus



Security and Fire Safety

Security and Important Phone Numbers

Emergency: 911

West Campus Duty Phone:  (870) 866-9208 or red phone or extension 999 
West Campus Duty Phone: (870) 865-1908 or red phone or extension 999 
Public Safety WC Office:  (870) 864-7125 (Voice mail routed to Chief Virden’s cell phone) 
Public Safety EC Office:  (870) 864-8472 (Voice mail routed to Officer Smith’s cell phone) 

 The safety you experience on campus is due to the combined efforts of many different departments and individuals. Safety is a collective responsibility and we rely on every single member of our campus to contribute to the security of our campus by using a common sense approach and reporting suspicious activity when observed. The level of support we receive from our community members is critical to the success of the outcome. It is our duty as a department to maintain your trust. Safety is enhanced internally by our colleagues on our Joint Campus Safety Committee that includes members from both SouthArk’s East and West campuses along with SouthArk Warren campus, Behavioral Response Teams, and our health and safety training programs.

The college provides uniformed police officers for the safety of the employees and students.  They are available during all hours that the college is in operation.  Students who are concerned about their safety should immediately contact campus security.  Their office (CB125W) is near the Atrium of the Whitfield Building.  Red security phones are placed in key locations throughout the campus whereby students can immediately contact campus security.  Students are required to report all incidents of campus accidents or crime to security.

New Security Feature Added - On-Campus Security Phones
Red security phones have been installed in the hallways of the classroom building, CT Building, one in the gallery of the library and one at the front desk of the library.  When the receiver is picked up, a call is automatically routed to a cell phone the on-duty security person will be carrying allowing you immediate contact with security.

The SouthArk Campus Public Safety Department is primarily responsible for developing services, programs, and strategies for maintaining a safe campus. In order for us to meet this goal, the department focuses primarily on four functions:

First is a strong partnership with and service to the campus community. We recognize that we exist to provide a service-oriented department and support the idea that all relationships require trust and constant nurturing. We are committed to the philosophy of community-oriented public safety and problem-solving. Through utilizing officers to serve as liaisons with various sections of the campuses, we are able to service the individualized needs of each campus.

Second, a major focus of the department is crime prevention and safety related programming to promote individual responsibility and community safety. The department offers a wide range of training opportunities that are presented throughout the academic school year.

Third, focusing on emergency management planning which requires a comprehensive approach to preventing, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from emergency situations. We take a proactive approach to planning for emergencies by collaborating not only with the entire campus community but with outside agencies such as the El Dorado Police Department, the El Dorado Fire Department, the Union County Sheriff’s Office, the Union County Office of Emergency Management, the Arkansas State Police, the Union County Health Department.

Lastly, the department is charged with the monitoring the Student Code of Conduct for South Arkansas College. This function is essential to maintaining an environment that is safe and conducive to learning.


Emergency Equipment Locations  
First Aid Kits AED/Narcan Kits
West Campus West Campus
First Floor Rm 148 First Floor Foyer
Second Floor 290  
Third Floor 304  
First Floor Suit 116 1st Floor South Hallway
Second Floor across from 239 Dean Office (Activities check out)
Tech Tech
Frist Floor across from 108 Frist Floor across from 108
Second Floor outside office 205  
Lib Lib
Office 120 Behind Front Counter
1st floor N. Murphy II Hallway Outside Murphy II North Hallway
1st Floor E. Hallway Bookstore Second Floor Rm 261
Second Floor 261  
Gym Gym
South West Wall (Court) South West Wall (Court)
Star Base Star Base
206 1st Floor by Stairways on wall
East Campus East Campus
Copier Rm 115 Student Area outside Rm 115
Rm 150  
Welding Welding
Office Office
Rm 130  
Copier Rm 142 Outside Rm 142 (Hallway)
Copier Rm 116 Copier Rm 116
Warren Campus Warren Campus
Adult Ed Classroom Adult Ed Classroom