One of the prerequisites for admission into the professional phase of some of the health science programs is the ATI Test Of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). The ATI TEAS should not be scheduled until the semester prior to applying for admission to the professional program and following completion of all basic studies requirements. It is recommended that students complete program science requirements prior to testing for an enhanced degree of success.

Each student must pay the testing fee ($70) at the Bookstore and schedule a testing day and time with the Testing Center by calling (870) 864-7196 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Testing Center will give each student a copy of their scores upon completion of the test and review these scores with the student. This score report will be signed, dated, and stamped by the Testing Center.

ATI TEAS Study Manual: Each student is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to prepare well for the ATI TEAS PRIOR to taking the exam.


  • The Testing Center has a copy of the ATI TEAS Study Manual, Sixth Edition Revised and the 2021-2022 Revised,which is available for student use but not for check out.
  • This Study Manual (ISBN # 978-1-56533-232-4) may be purchased at SouthArk's Bookstore for approximately $46.
  • In addition, the SouthArk Library has an electronic resource for the ATI TEAS exam preparation, called ATI TEAS Crash Course - 2017, available through Hoopla, a downloadable free app. Hoopla lets you borrow a variety of resources (online books, videos, audiobooks, etc...) if you have a SouthArk Library card. See more info at http://southark.libguides.com/c.php?g=9632&p=4124027.
  • Also, a handout with additional test prep information can be found on the ATI TEAS FAQ Handout.

Each Health Science program has different minimum scores and other requirements for the exam. See below for this information. Only the programs which require ATI TEAS are listed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though the student must attain the minimum scores listed below to qualify for program admission, most students who are selected for these programs score well above the minimum requirements listed.

LPN (Practical Nursing)
Minimum Reading Score  45 
Minimum Composite Score 40 (calculated using super scores from the 4 attempts)
Super Score Utilized? (The highest scores for each section from all TEAS results are utilized) Yes
Maximum Attempts Allowed Maximum: 4 attempts within 18 months prior to application deadline; If the TEAS is taken more than 4 times, ONLY the first 4 results will be considered.
Program Selection Criteria Pre-requisite GPA + cumulative GPA + TEAS scores from all 4 sections
Requirements At least one of the TEAS exam results must meet or exceed the minimum score of 45 on the Reading section AND the combination of the super scores from all exams must meet or exceed the minimum recalculated Composite score of 40.
How are the TEAS results obtained by the program?  The student will be given a copy of their TEAS results by the Testing Center and the student will submit those results to the Nursing Office (HSC 203) before the application deadline.